Welcome to the Hamlet of Galahad!
click to see Galahad circa 1999

Situated just north of the beautiful Battle River valley it is centered between Killam and Castor on Highways 861 and 36, and 9 kilometers east of Forestburg off Highway 53.  We are a quiet family-oriented municipality of about a 100 strong with a mix of all age groups.

The community is graced with riches of the soil and a wealth of resources with vibrant oil, coal mining and electrical power production.
Galahad enjoys a trading area with traditional roots in agriculture and oil and gas development providing for a diversified economic base.

 The hamlet is also located directly in the flightpath of  migratory bird species who like to take advantage of the many pea and grain fields and abundant coulees with ample water and resting areas, making this a haven for duck and geese hunting and serving hunters from far and wide.